Research and Development

Any SQL or NoSQL database will work wonders for applications with a narrow range of features, or targeting a very specific problem given that those applications are developed with the sufficient knowledge of the databases that they rely on.

But a single product or technology is rarely enough for a real-world solution with large-scale data needs. Each type of data is probably going to be processed in a different way, or the volumes of different data are just asymmetrical to be handled in the same infrastructure.

Our research & development services handle both of these problems. With years of experience in different types of data storage and processing systems, it’s our job to pinpoint which technologies are best-suited for any successful data solution, including side systems and even hardware. And when those aren’t enough, the next thing we do is to develop new techniques and algorithms in collaboration with academic institutions.

Furthermore, even the silver bullet won’t be of help to those who don’t know how to fire it. In the end, it comes down to the software utilizing and integrating those technologies. Our quality focused performance driven software development approach is what makes the real difference between a looks-great-but-it’s-not-what-i-need platform and a i-know-it-works-by-looking-at-those-numbers solution.

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