How we work

Culturally remote

We have colleagues working from different countries, so it should be easy for us to work from anywhere. We use cloud-based tools whenever we can, we use VPNs when we can’t. Some on-site hardware related work is inevitable though.

Written first

Research notes should be written, designs should be on paper, codes should be commented, documents elegant. We believe writing stimulates the brain activity and helps us focus on our jobs, so basically if it can be written, on a paper, on a post-it, on an issue tracker or within code, it doesn’t matter; it should be written!

Communication is also over e-mail and group-chat tools so that it’s easy to remember what we talked. In fact it’s beyond easy, you don’t need to remember anything if it’s already there! There are hardly any meetings at our Ankara office or even over video. Our office is a pretty silent working environment. We value efficiency and work with high focus.

Traceable efforts

We are doing serious work on real-world systems. Whether it’s a single line of code in an application, or a response to remedy a production issue, whatever we did needs to be traceable to the origin and to the requirement of that effort. We don’t like to waste time on trying to understand why we did what we did. And absolutely hate to waste time wandering without a cause.

That doesn’t mean we value experimentation. In fact more than half of what we do is experimentation. But it needs to be in context, expectations set before, and results reported.

Quality aware

We value what we do. We put high-quality standards for our work. Projects are temporary by nature so the tendency is to just get over with it especially after dues paid. That’s not us. Projects can be temporary but the culture isn’t. And it’s contagious. So when everyone puts quality to the front, that generates high quality work as well as high quality relationships and high-quality lives overall.

That is also reflected in our everyday equipment. We are all about high-end laptops, external monitors, peripherals and of-course headphones.

How we don’t work

We have talented colleagues who share their knowledge and are good team-players. We don’t work with superheros, rockstars or ninjas working in their own ways, looking down on other people.

We don’t take individual or spoken-only decisions, we don’t “just fix it” without anyone knowing.

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