Retinadata solves large-scale data problems using open-source technologies. We have years of on-hands production operations and software design-development experience.

  • Large-scale can be: Volume, Throughput, Number of users, …
  • Data examples are: Videos, Images, Events, …
  • Problems generally: Storing, Processing, Accessing, …

Match any of those like …

  • high-throughput log processing
  • large-capacity video storage
  • lots of users accessing images

You can be sure that we’ll have a solution for any of those.

In order to put those solutions to real-world uses, we:

  • Do the necessary research
  • Apply the industry best-practices
  • Design the whole architecture
  • Develop required applications
  • Generate usable documentation
  • And of course provide support

Our History


  • Founders meet at TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)
  • Distributing a GPU job on large Hadoop clusters


  • Join forces at Noktamedya, owner of many large websites in Turkey
  • Working on distributed storage, media delivery, video transcoding, big data analytics …


  • retinadata incorporation
  • video proxies with service meshes using Consul


  • integrated image storage and processing systems using Nginx
  • modernizing network video recorders on Linux


  • distributed image storage and processing solutions with Ceph
  • container clouds for video applications using Kubernetes


  • video event processing pipelines on Kafka
  • ready-to-use, batteries included and optimized object storage
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