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Multiple Open-source technologies combined with Optimized hardware for a truly cloud-native Object storage and management system. The only infrastructure for next generation data intensive solutions.

What it is

Object Storage

Different from the block storage provided by established SAN solutions or file storage provided by NAS systems, object storage is a new data storage system for fairly large and static objects like logs, media or archives.

Open Source

Wise Cluster utilizes open-source technologies leveraging the insights of the large communities behind them. It’s the only way to keep up with the constant change required by the modern enterprise.

Optimized Hardware

Wise Cluster can be a complete solution including the disks, servers, networking gear and even racks when you need them. All of the components are designed and configured for optimum operation within the cluster.

It is not...

Wise Cluster O3 is primarily an object storage, and it can do a lot in a lot of different scenarios. Still, it helps to know about the things it is not, and probably never will be.



Education is changing at a rapid pace. Students become more tech-savvy everyday while institutions try to keep up by updating their facilities.

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The stress which government agencies and public organizations need to manage is a bit different than the private sector’s.

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Finance organizations always have too much on their agenda. On one hand, they have to store increasing amounts of unstructured data.

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Start Planning Your Wise Cluster

Use our capacity estimator to have an idea about what kind of a cluster might be a good fit for your business.

Why choose it


Large scale data must be distributed. There’s a correct way to run distributed systems. Things should be easier. The answer is obvious.


Wise Cluster is built on scalable technologies relating to the amount of data, performance as well as management of them all. All built with practical limits in mind.


Wise Cluster can do a lot, for a lot of different users. But putting all those in one basket confuses everyone. Different features require different designs to be usable and that’s what it’s all about.


Wise Cluster uses open technologies and utilizes open protocols. It can adapt to different applications or systems easily and makes it possible to manage data in any scenario.


Every component in Wise Cluster is designed with security implications in mind. That includes the best practices for all of the services as well as the data itself.


Wise Cluster O3 has a lot of different features already built into it. So that it’s easier to add more value to your data, without relying on dozens of different systems.

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