Linux is a family of open-source Unix-like operating systems based on the operating system kernel by Linus Torvalds”

We’re long past the Linux vs windows days and Linux now established itself as the operating system to go to for server systems especially large-scale ones like cloud. It’s even hard to mention any product without its involvement let alone talk about it as a distinct technology. Nevertheless we make use of a lot of the features to skip it without a hat tip. Those range from bridges and bond interfaces to iptables powered security policies to ipvs load balancers to kvm and of course containers.

We install Ubuntu when we can, generally utilizing MaaS to deploy hundreds of nodes without any human intervention. But as any seasoned systems engineer would know, the real work starts on day 2. We need to maintain the nodes, keep them up to date and troubleshoot when something out of the ordinary happens. That’s when we go to basic tools like top, vmstat and iostat or for more advanced cases ftrace and eBPF.

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