Python is a programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively”

Now it’s pretty widely thought at schools all over the world, Python is one of the most known programming languages. According to the recent surveys it’s also the second most loved one. Being a versatile and powerful language it’s really hard to mention all its uses across the industry from web applications to scientific research to machine learning.

We also love Python and use it in many ways. Most prominent case would be everyday scripting and text processing. When we need to feed a CSV file to some database or interact with a web API to gather some info, Python is our go to tool. We also use it in place of shell scripts considering almost all Linux distributions have it by default. And last but not least some of our web application backends rely on it too.

The joy of working with a language is important but just as important is the libraries we use to reach our goals. In that sense, pandas is a great way to manipulate datasets, flask is a pretty tool to create a web API and using ctypes to call C codes can be a day saver.

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