Start Planning Your Wise Cluster

Use our capacity estimator to have an idea about what kind of a cluster might be a good fit for your business.

Current generation Wise Cluster O3 utilizes 2U server systems and 12TB SATA drives. Systems are optimized on the number of disk drives. We have 3 simple variants:

  • 6S: containing 6 disk drives
  • 12S: containing 12 disk drives
  • 24S: containing 24 disk drives

Use the following tool to estimate your raw and usable capacity, with different reliability constraints.

Capacities shown here are theoretical estimates for the given erasure code parameters. Stored data size may differ in production environments based on the object and block sizes. retinadata is not responsible for any discrepancies between what’s shown here and the actual stored data size in production environments.

Don’t plan to fill the usable storage area completely. It is essential to leave some empty area for data recovery procedures as well as daily system performance. We advise against storing more than 85% (near full ratio) of the usable capacity. Beyond that, you might not have enough space to recover in the case of disk or server failures. An ideal cluster shouldn’t exceed 80%.

Thinking about a different capacity requirement?

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