Wise Cluster uses open technologies and utilizes open protocols. It can adapt to different applications or systems easily and makes it possible to manage data in any scenario.

Without a doubt, when we store data on a computer system, we generally use a block device. That is practically a HDD on our workstations or more recently a SSD in our laptops. So it’s natural to try to store everything on a filesystem running on a similar device. But laptops don’t store billions of files or multiple hundreds of terabytes of data. And for some applications using a different type of system offers huge benefits.

S3 compatible

Reliability constraints in the cloud environments increase the cost of standard block devices, so using a HTTP based highly-available storage for large/static files makes a lot of sense. Short for simple storage service, Amazon’s S3 became defacto object storage standard over the last decade.

Virtualized environments have the same problem. Storing static objects on storage environments optimized for small-scale high performance databases is a total waste.

Wise Cluster O3 is 99%1 compatible with S3 API. So if your system is already working in the cloud and you’re planning an on-premise deployment, you can be certain that the same applications will work in the same way after a necessary configuration. No special integration required!

Cloud integrated

Cloud Integrated

Since Wise Cluster O3 works so close to the cloud technologies, it’s extremely easy to integrate it to the public cloud. It can move data to a public cloud depending on the policies you define. And it will utilize the object storage services directly, without a need for extra instances and/or block storage devices. All you will need to do is to define the necessary users and permissions on the provider side. You can also transfer only the metadata to any cloud based message queue system.

Ready to use applications

Since S3 is an already established API for large scale data storage, lots of different applications support S3 API out of the box. Using Wise Cluster O3, those applications targeting cloud environments are able to work on your on-premise systems directly. Some examples are:

  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Flink
  • Apache Kafka
  • Mulesoft
  • Veeam
  • Informatica
  • Talend
  • … others

  1. IAM integration is AWS-specific and is missing. ↩︎

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