It is not...

Wise Cluster O3 is primarily an object storage, and it can do a lot in a lot of different scenarios. Still, it helps to know about the things it is not, and probably never will be.

a disk enclosure with an ethernet port

The first step in reliable data storage is an enclosure with multiple drives, enabling people in the same network to share files easily. Wise Cluster O3 can be used to share files, but on a much larger scale.

a ZFS management GUI

Wise Cluster O3 is a distributed system. All drives in all of the nodes are used in the same cluster and data is split/stored among all of them directly. No zpools, vdevs or datasets and definitely no controllers.

a SAN storage to connect using FC

Wise Cluster O3 works on standard ethernet networks. Other systems connect over - again - standard ethernet networks. Data is accessed using HTTP.

a SaaS offering running in a public cloud

Public clouds already have object storage options offered SaaS. Wise Cluster O3 can work with them, after being deployed on-premise. But those options aside, provisioning virtual machines and already reliable virtual block devices to run an object storage system on top of those, is not something Wise Cluster O3 does.

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