Large scale data must be distributed. There’s a correct way to run distributed systems. Things should be easier. The answer is obvious.


“How is it possible for them to manage thousands of petabytes of extremely varied data everyday while we struggle with just a few nodes?” This was and always will be the question Wise Cluster is about.

Thankfully the generous technicians, engineers and researchers from all kinds of organizations, actually working on the problem are doing it out in the open. They put their solutions and experiences out there in the form of articles and open-source tools for everyone to benefit. Yet, on-premise systems are generally made up of proprietary solutions with totally different practices. Usually they work, but when they don’t, it’s back to square one: How…?

The obvious way out of this mess is starting from scratch and building everything in-house. Which is great, when the resources are at the ready. A research institute for example, might have a lot of bright engineers running the data infrastructure already. But when the main problem is only data, the infrastructure side can be a bit large to swallow whole.

Wise Cluster solves both of these problems. The data side is made up of open-source technologies, and strictly follows the example of large scale data centers. Infrastructure side includes the server hardware, networking gear, even entire racks. All optimized and integrated in the same product. No more jumps between different vendors, no more blame games.

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