Open Source

Wise Cluster utilizes open-source technologies leveraging the insights of the large communities behind them. It’s the only way to keep up with the constant change required by the modern enterprise.

Big vendors and their big products have thousands of features, extreme performance benchmarks and arrive in shiny packages, all totally impressive. On the 2nd day though, you see that you don’t need most of them. And the few vital features you do need, don’t work as advertised or require another license pack.

Proprietary solutions impose their own terms. And those are what they can do better, instead of what you need.


On the other hand, lots of people, from lots of different industries with lots of different use cases, collaborate on open source technologies. Thay way, they contain the knowledge from all those different types of needs, and they almost always have the optimal solution. On the off-chance that they don’t have it, we can develop and add one pretty easily.


Another advantage of using open-source systems is that you’re always free to take your business whereever you want. Your data depends on open source systems only so it’s absolutely possible for you to take full control of your infrastructure whenever you want. No vendor lock-in, ever.


But it doesn’t mean that everyone has the time, energy or expertise to do all this. Especially on a complex system like a distributed data storage, made up of lots of different parts. In addition to that, the system is largely dependent on the hardware in storage and networking, so you’d need knowledgeable hardware people as well as open source software experts at the same time.

The data storage software in Wise Cluster O3 is plain and pure ceph, managed in kubernetes, running on linux systems. All of the software in the data-critical path and most of the management stack is also open source.

We closely follow and contribute to a number of open source projects, continuously testing the releases, checking their performance for each release and providing patches where necessary. We carefully integrate them all together without disrupting the harmony of the system. Only the final, quality-checked and easy-to-apply versions are delivered to your systems.



The operating system is of course none other than the established choice for the distributed systems. We constantly test different distributions, configurations and sub-systems. Then we select and use only the most optimized ones. We also utilize lots of features directly provided in the linux kernel for advanced networking requirements.



An orchestration engine is the first requirement of any distributed system. While cluster managers seem daunting at first, we all know managing each node separately is not a real solution beyond a certain point. An automation system is a must to make sure that all the nodes are actually running like they’re supposed to. Kubernetes accomplishes this blissfully, using a sensible API and clear cut definitions covering almost all of the requirements. Not surprising considering it’s designed with the knowledge of giants running huge data centers for years.



The hot topic of every data storage related discussion, ceph deserves its title indeed: linux of data storage. Just like smartphones, medical imaging equipment and large-scale data centers are all running linux; we can run ceph for all object, file or block based data storage systems. What makes ceph special is the way it stores and accesses the data. It’s both truly distributed, because it places the data all over the nodes, and truly scalable because data access doesn’t rely on any single component.


The major question with open source software is always how to get support when something goes wrong. Naturally, Wise Cluster covers that for you. Entire software stack are provided with a 3 year limited warranty. That includes:

  • Level 1, 2 and 3 technical support
  • Next business day or 24/7 response
  • Planned updates for
    • Wise Cluster O3 software
    • Open source software
    • Operating systems
    • Firmware
  • Planned upgrades for
    • Wise Cluster O3 software
    • Open source software
    • Operating systems

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