Optimized Hardware

Wise Cluster can be a complete solution including the disks, servers, networking gear and even racks when you need them. All of the components are designed and configured for optimum operation within the cluster.

Open source technologies are great at supporting a variety of devices. The obvious example is Linux, running on extremely low spec kitchen appliances as well as on large supercomputers and everything in between. Most of the server and storage systems are probably in between, but it’s still a very large range. So in order to have a data infrastructure using open source technologies, lots of time and technical expertise is required on various components of hardware.

The best solution is Wise Cluster. Running on carefully configured, tested, tuned and supported hardware; you no longer have to worry about incompatibilities, under-utilization or over-provisioning.



Wise Cluster O3 uses standard rack servers balanced for performance and capacity efficiency. As such current generation server hardware is composed of:

  • dual-socket mainboard
  • 2 mid-level cpus
  • 192 GB RAM
  • 6x, 12x OR 24x 12TB SATA HDDs
  • 2x 240GB SATA SSDs
  • redundant NICs
  • redundant power supplies



Wise Cluster O3 uses standard ethernet for its internal and external communications. It includes redundant ToR switches and also provides another pair of core switches for deployments with multiple racks. Connectivity to the rest of the system can be provided over the ToR or the core switches using RJ45, SFP+ or QSFP+ ports.

Racks and cabling


Wise Cluster O3 can be delivered as a complete rack assembled solution, for deployments into data centers without pre-installed racks. Racks are 1225m deep 42U compliant with ANSI/EIA RS-310-C/D/E standards and are compatible with APC Infrastructure products. They house 2 x PDUs with connectors chosen to be compatible with power infrastructure at the deployment site. All internal power and LAN cables, to support all the server and switches are also included.



All Wise Cluster hardware parts are provided with a 3 year limited warranty for parts and labor. Parts coverage includes defects in material and workmanship. Labor includes general technical support, RMA requests, shipping for replacement parts etc. Coverage can also be extended up to 7 years with additional packages.

Hot-swappable parts like data drives and power supplies can be replaced using a standard RMA procedure including a diagnostic report taken from the cluster. It is possible to operate with a DMR procedure in deployments unable to release their data storage devices for any reason. Parts are shipped directly to the installation site. Other replacements will be handled by our expert partners.

Questions about how to connect Wise Cluster to the rest of your infrastructure?

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