Education is changing at a rapid pace. Students become more tech-savvy everyday while institutions try to keep up by updating their facilities.

And e-learning is a big topic now that no-one can ignore, especially after the pandemic and the lockdowns. If the recent rise in investments to ed-tech companies is any indication, this is just the beginning.

In addition to that, larger institutions have to host lots of online-accessible content. Usually delivered using a standard web server and a file system, even the simplest architecture starts to creak when considering the reliability and availability concerns on increasing amounts of data.

Last but not the least, most organizations - especially in higher education - employ scientists and fund projects to conduct various research in various institutes. Those endeavors too are not immune to the changes in recent years: they require, consume and produce more and more data everyday.

On the other hand, the IT professionals rush to add various systems to their already large to-do lists to keep up with the demand, but they become overwhelmed. They now have to learn to operate various new tools, administer the new LMS installation, all the while maintaining their current inventory. Decision makers are aware that their efforts are coming up short, while discovering a new hidden cost everyday and feel a bit helpless.

Wise Cluster O3 answers all types of data storage needs of your entire organization within the same deployment. That way it’s possible to eliminate different types of solutions and different types of requirements along them. A single deployment can host all of your online content, act as the storage backend of your LMS, provide ample capacity for all of your researchers and do even more. And the IT professionals can focus on a single, reliable, easy-to-use and accessible system. Using Wise Cluster O3 means letting everyone manage and serve their resources without impacting others, while the IT teams are having a good night’s sleep.

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