Finance organizations always have too much on their agenda. On one hand, they have to store increasing amounts of unstructured data.

Those can be in the shape of customer interactions, on ATMs, call centers, mobile applications and social media. All waiting to be analyzed to understand the customers better and create new strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

On the other hand, they have extremely sensitive data and need to adhere to strict storage and processing regulations. This data is a bit problematic to move to the cloud as it’s increasingly hard to know where it’s going to stay. And it becomes totally impossible when well-known and trusted cloud providers are limited or non-existent in the target market. Businesses are used to solving their problems on their own, but multiple rules for retention and destruction schedules does not make it easy for them to manage their data in a flexible way.

Even when they’re able to use some cloud technology for some operation, there’s always the question of data protection, requiring them to also invest in various forms of encryption and several redundancies. For the data stored in local systems, ransomware is a serious threat that businesses must be prepared for. Considering all those extras, the TCO of any solution doubles even in the best case scenario.

And in between those sides, there’s an increasing trend in remote work, especially after the pandemic and lockdowns. Employees work from their homes as much as 50% of their time using portable devices. Protecting the data stored on workstations in controlled office spaces is a well known practice. But the same data is now stored on laptops, tablets and smartphones, and the same backup tools with standard file system practices don’t work as efficiently.

Wise Cluster O3 helps you all across this spectrum. Storing unstructured data in object form and eliminating the reliability problems in big data analysis tools is a huge win. Both for the agility of the analytics, and for your IT teams, now that they can focus on a single system.

The topics around sensitive data protection like encryption and multi-site redundancy are built into Wise Cluster O3. This means a reduced number of extra data related systems for you to manage and of course reduced costs. Both in CAPEX and in OPEX.

And for the remote data, since Wise Cluster O3 supports widely used cloud technologies, it’s only logical to use it as a cloud backup storage. It’s easy to use one of the many backup applications already running on client devices and just configure it to sync the data back to the cluster.

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