Wise Cluster can do a lot, for a lot of different users. But putting all those in one basket confuses everyone. Different features require different designs to be usable and that’s what it’s all about.

Wise Cluster is a highly opinionated system in hardware as well as in software of everyday use. It’s designed from the bottom up, always keeping the users in mind. It hides and automates what makes data infrastructures complex and helps doing what needs to be done in the easiest, fastest way possible. Whether the end-user concerned with the data lifecycle, or the one who has to keep everything running at all times, Wise Cluster has it all for everyone.

Customized for different needs

different needs

Whether it’s a washer, a tv set or a smartphone, it’s clear that making a product and using it are very different things and Wise Cluster is no exception. Makers, maintainers, administrators and end-users have different types of needs and Wise Cluster is designed with these differences in mind. Every screen, every line, every word and all punctuation marks are carefully placed to make sense for the task at hand.

Setup and run in minutes

Whether it’s just a few nodes or a several hundred, Wise Cluster is delivered always ready-to-use. After the physical installation, all it takes is following the guided setup screens to define the user side of the things. It’ll be ready to store and serve the users' data in the way they need it within minutes.

Self healing

self healing

Of course the real work starts the next day, where everyone starts using the system for real and things start to get complicated. Software parts crash, hardware parts break and everyone blames everyone at the end of the day. Wise Cluster has a different approach. It’s designed with the knowledge that everything will fail at some point. The solution is not to avoid failures but to automate whatever’s necessary to recover from them to keep things running.

Managed operations

And as all ideals, there are limits to the automation that standard servers can provide. It’s possible to recover from a faulty hardware part automatically, but servers cannot replace them on their own (not yet anyway). For these instances, Wise Cluster will notify the operators and guide them through whatever they have to do, still automating the configuration and software side of things.