Clarification text on processing and protection of personal data

As Retina Data (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), we are aware that the personal information of our valued visitors is extremely important. Accordingly, this clarification text has been prepared to inform and enlighten you within the scope of the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“Law”) and EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and other relevant legislation.

The Law on the Protection of Personal Data aims to regulate the obligations, procedures and principles to be compliance by real and legal persons who process personal data primarily to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, especially to maintain privacy while processing the personal data. Accordingly, this clarification text is prepared for the purpose of fulfilling the legal clarification obligation according to Article 10 of the Law and submitted to the visitors of the website ( ) for their information and evaluation.

Data Controller

Company acts as a Data Controller as per the Article 3 of Law No. 6698.

  • Commercial Name : Retina Data Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi
  • Tax ID Number : 7340935977
  • Communication Officer : Erdem Ağaoğlu
  • E-mail : [email protected]

Methods Of Collection And Processing Your Personal Data

On the website ( ), although membership registration is not required to visit of the website; your name, surname and e-mail address data that you share with the Company by filling out the form on our website to get more information regarding our products and services and to contact with you are collected and processed automatically by the Company.

Your personal data obtained through the above-mentioned methods via the website is processed in accordance with the legal reasons regulated in the 2 nd paragraph of the Article 5 of the Law and also the Article 6 of the GDPR for the purpose of presenting our products and/or services to you and providing support services by carrying out these services provided to you and informing you of our products and services.

Other than this information, data regarding your visitor movements on the website, such as your frequency of visits to the website and the times of your visits, can be collected anonymously without personal information, with the aim of analyzing the movements and preferences of the visitors.

Transfer Of Personal Data

Your personal data which processed by the Company for the above-mentioned purposes can be transferred to business partners, advertising agencies, legally authorized public institutions and organizations and private legal persons, within the framework of the transfer conditions of personal data specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law with the purposes of ensuring that you benefit from the products and services offered by the company, and customizing the site according to your tastes, usage habits and needs. In addition, while your personal data is shared with the third parties stipulated in this article, it will be shared only to the necessary extent and within the scope of its relevance.

Personal Data Storage Method, Duration And Precautions

Your personal data will be stored in electronic and/or physical media and stored for the period required for the processing purposes stated in this clarification text and by considering the periods specified in the Law and other legislation. In case of the expiration of the periods, the data is deleted, anonymized, or destroyed in accordance with the Law.

Your personal data is protected in full compliance with all technical and administrative security controls and precautions and the information security standards and procedures.

Your Rights

According to Article 11 of the law, as a Personal Data Owner, you have the right to:

  • to be informed on whether your personal data are processed or not,
  • to obtain the related information if your data is processed,
  • to learn the reason for processing your personal data and whether these are used according to the purpose,
  • to know the third persons in the country or abroad to whom your data are transferred.
  • to request for correcting of your personal data if these are processes incompletely or incorrectly and request for notifying about this transaction of third parties whom your personal data has been transferred.
  • to request your personal data to be deleted, wiped away or anonymized if the reasons which for their processing are destroyed although these have been processed in accordance with the provisions of Law and other relevant laws and request for notifying about this
  • to object to arising of a result against you by exclusively analyzing your transaction of third parties whom your personal data has been transferred. processed data through automated systems.
  • to claim compensation of the damage in case you suffer damage due to the unlawful processing of your personal data.

You can send your written request to claim any of above-mentioned rights to Company including your explanations about which right(s) you request to use, and you can submit by hand your request to the address of “Mustafa Kemal Mah. Dumlupınar Bulvarı No:280G/203 ODTÜ Teknokent BİLİM Çankaya Ankara Türkiye” personally with the document/information identifying your identity. You can also send it to [email protected] signed with the “secure electronic signature” defined in the Electronic Signature Law No 5070 or via notary public.

Responses to your applications submitted to the Company must be in writing, as soon as possible according to the nature of the request, and within 30 (thirty) days from the date your request arrives the Company, in accordance with Article 13/2 of the Law. It is mandatory to be included below information in your application;

  • Name - surname
  • Wet-ink signature, mobile signature and/or secure electronic signature
  • For citizens of the Republic of Turkey, T.R. identification number, nationality for foreigners passport number or identification number, if any.
  • Domicile or workplace address based on notification
  • E-mail address, telephone and fax number for notification, if any.
  • Statement of claim

In addition, we would like to remind you that as the data owner, you must also attach the information and documents which related with your request to your application. Besides, if you send us a copy of your ID, please black out all other information apart from your first and last name and address. When sending copies of the ID card, please make a note on the copy of the ID as following: “This is a copy”.

We also remind you that if your application requires any cost, you may be charged the fee in the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board. Further information is available under and